Deep Hole Large Diameter Rotary

Matrix specializes in the manufacture of Rotary Drill Tools used in large diameter Water Resource applications. Crafting Rotary drill pipe used for deep air/mud rotary and flooded reverse drilling requires expertise and experience. We manufacture all API thread profiles as well as the ever popular 6 5/8″ Smooth Flow and Full Hole connections. We configure the tool joint to exactly fit your specific tool handling requirements.

Large diameter wells are a significant and progressive investment meaning the larger and deeper you drill, the larger the investment. The scope of the operation, equipment, and dedicated personnel are considerable in drilling large diameter wells. This means tooling reliability and performance are a drilling contractor’s top requirement. Matrix’s quality, craftsmanship, and reliability result in the production of the industry’s very best rotary drilling tools.

Large Diameter Deep Hole Rotary Drill Pipe

Matrix Drilling Products specializes in the manufacture of Deep Hole Rotary Drill Pipe for large diameter water resource applications. We offer up to 14.5” OD and lengths to 40 ft. Plasma arc welding technology delivers mechanical properties that exceed other welding methods providing the strongest Rotary Drill Pipe in the industry. We craft our tool joints from high strength alloy steel and then heat treat to maximize strength and durability. Deep hole products cannot afford substandard manufacturing techniques or poor quality control. Our keen attention to quality, advanced manufacturing techniques, and our passion to produce the industry’s best products leads to tools you can trust on Deep Hole Large Diameter Drilling programs.

Drill Collars

Matrix Drill Collars are used to achieve correct weight on bit (WOB) to maximize penetration rates while keeping the drill string in tension. We offer multiple collar diameters, lengths, and wall thicknesses to match your specific application. We are happy to work with you in meeting your drilling challenges and we’re only a phone call away to discuss your requirements.


Matrix manufactures large diameter casing in a variety of thread profiles, wall thicknesses, and steel grades. Diameters up to 36 inches. The product range includes Wash-Down Casing, Conductor Casing, and Dual Rotary Casing. Lengths to 30 ft. We also manufacture custom casing for project specific requirements.

Subs and Accessories


Stabilizers are used to assist in providing smooth, supported rotation of the drill string. Many times a formation may be subject to significant erosion, causing the borehole wall to be unstable. Stabilizers help to support the lower end of the drill string. In addition to providing supported drill string rotation, stabilizers enhance production as they keep the drill string aligned with the drill bit. Matrix offers milled spiral stabilizers are available up to 48″ long and to 20″ OD. Straight blade stabilizers are available up to 72″ long and 20″ OD.

Hoisting & Lowering

Matrix manufacturers a range of heavy duty hoisting plugs for our large diameter rotary drill pipe in deep hole applications. Our Deep Hole Hoisting Plugs are engineered for loads up to 200,000 lbs. We also design and engineer elevator plugs to fit our customer’s specific needs. Matrix is an experienced manufacturers of custom, application specific handling tools.

Subs – Air/Mud Rotary

Matrix provides the finest range of subs, Spindle Subs, Bit Subs, and Saver Subs manufactured from premium 4140 heat treated alloy steel bar. We offer a choice of threaded connections including API Reg – IF – FH – Mayhew – Mayhew Jr.

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  • “No doubt, Matrix’s custom threads and lighter drill pipes increased our capabilities and allowed us to get to depths normal tools could never achieve.”

    Dick BackstromFounder & CEO, IDEA Drilling