Blast Hole Tools

Matrix has served the mining industry for over 40 Years designing and building drilling tools recognized for their quality and performance.

We manufacture a range of Blast Hole Drill Steel from 3 1/2″ to 13 3/8″ offering a choice of wall thicknesses and rig specific tooling configurations. We machine all thread profiles to match your specific requirement using CNC precision.  Matrix also manufactures associated subs from heat treated solid bar stock for maximum tool life.

We serve the mining markets from two locations – eastern regions from our Tennessee production facility and the western mining regions from our Rexburg, Idaho facility.

Drill Steel

Matrix manufacturers premium quality Blast Hole Drill Steel with Tool Joints manufactured from 4140 high strength alloy steel that have been induction heat treated to meet or exceed industry standards.

We offer 55 KSI and alloy mid bodies with a choice of wall thicknesses. We craft our tool joints on CNC machining centers for a precision thread. Tooling profiles including Starter Steel and Carousel Steel are available.  Our Blast Hole Steel is available in configurations compatible with all major blast hole rig manufacturers.  

Product Range: 3.00″ OD to 13 3/8″ OD. All Lengths – API REG – IF – FH & BECO

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Deck Bushing

Matrix Rotary Deck Bushings are engineered to withstand the tough conditions common to Blast Hole Drilling. They provide lateral support to the drill string at the rig deck assisting the smooth rotation of the Drill Steel. Our range of deck bushing includes sizes to accommodate Drill Steel to diameters up to 8 inches.

Subs and Accessories


Blast Hole Subs, manufactured by Matrix, are machined from 4140 alloy steel bar stock that has been heat treated to maximize strength and durability. Subs need to be tough to hold up under the unrelenting stresses of blast hole drilling. Using the best USA produced alloy steel is a good starting point. Threads and flats are cut on CNC machining centers by our experienced operators, and our strict quality control assures consistent field performance.

We offer our subs in all blast hole tooling diameters, lengths, and breakout flats. Machined to customer specification API Reg. – IF – FH – BECO

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  • “Matrix has helped us tremendously over the years. The team at Matrix doesn’t roll its eyes or make excuses when it comes to figuring out a custom drilling solution. They really latch on to this stuff and get excited about solving our problems! To have a supplier like that is huge.”

    Chris DelahuntyVP of Operations, DOSECC Exploration Services