Matrix manufactures a wide variety of tools used for Civil Construction Drilling.

Rotary Percussive Casing

Available with either coupled or welded alloy steel tool joints. Multi-start threads for faster make/break speed. Product sizing ranges from 89mm to 308mm. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Rotary Drill Rod

API Rotary Drill Pipe is available in diameters of 2 3/8” to 8 5/8”. All thread profiles and both imperial and metric lengths are available. API – AFH – IF – Mayhew – BECO and more.

Overburden Casing

Symmetrix, Odex, Tubex, and Dual Rotary Casing up to 36″ diameter.  Single use, one piece construction or welded construction with alloy steel tool joints.

Trenchless Push Pipe

Typically used to install a pipeline in urban areas where digging an open trench would pose a problem (under roads for example.) Typical method requires drilling two pits (one at the start and one at the end of the borehole.) The rod is drilled from one pit to another by advancing the drill string on a required grade with the use of a guidance system. The pipeline is then installed into the hole with the use of a back reamer. Matrix push pipe features a proprietary drip valve design to reduce lubrication losses.

Duplex Adaptors

Matrix duplex adaptors are machined to customer specification. We have an extensive library of thread profiles and are able to accommodate most requests.

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Micropile Casing – J Tooth Starters

Similar to drill casings, these piles are drilled to depth and permanently cemented in place to support a building or structure or for earth stabilization programs. Matrix uses high-strength steel construction with threaded ends designed to customer specification.

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Flushing Heads

Matrix Flushing Heads are designed to safely direct drilled cuttings away from the drilling operation. Provide us with dimensional information of your drill’s spindle flange pattern and the tooling being utilized and we will quote your custom Flushing Head.

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Casing Crowns

Matrix manufacturers a complete range of casing crowns including ballistic or semi-domed carbide cutters to match your project’s geology. We offer diameters to work with Matrix percussive casing providing a choice of conical or cylindrical thread profiles.

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Drive Points and Drive Shoes

Matrix custom manufacturers hardened steel drive shoes for casing when advanced by driving. The casing shoe provides protection from splitting and enhanced overburden penetration. We also offer steel drive points to customer specification for non-rotating and direct-push drill rod advancement

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  • “Matrix definitely builds a quality product and uses superior materials. Bob (Peters) started the engineering and quality standard and Kent (Peters) is carrying it on. Their rare workmanship has puts Matrix at the forefront of the industry.”

    Wayne MehlhornFormer General Manager, Supply Division of Layne Christensen Company